Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Proposed schedule for cluster trainings

So, what do you think? This is only a tentative schedule but the dates, times and places will remain the same.
Adoption & Kinship Cluster
Cayce Thill;

One Year of Cluster Meetings
3rd Thursday of every month 7-9pm at UFCF in Orem

September 17 Karen Green from the Greenhouse
A wellness gift will be given to the first 2 who register
Refreshments will be served

October 22 Nancy Z-Getting Organized Nancy Christensen
A gift card to Staples will be given to the first 3 who register
Refreshments will be served
November 19-New to you table (bring gently used items you don’t need and we will have an exchange) A Christmas gift will be given to the first 5 who register
In-service: creative gift giving/budgeting/teaching children about
Refreshments will be served



January 21– Family Problem Solving Joy O’Banion
An “on time” drawing for prizes will be held so don’t be late
Refreshments will be served
February 12 Kangaroo Zoo Must RSVP by February 10 $5.00 per family dinner provided
No In service hours

March 18 Intro into emergency preparedness (who is me??)Nancy or Jessica?
One lucky person who registers will receive a 90 day supply of food

April 22 Effective parenting discipline techniques (level chart) Cayce Thill with help from Elsebeth Green


June 18 Fun Summer Activities for children and families Cayce Thill

July 23 Overnight at my home snacks and breakfast provided 20 people max.
Glitter toes (pedicure), in-service topics? Helpful books and their different insights/ discussion on techniques you use or situations you have in your home/fun, easy ways to reinforce bonding/ relax with Karen Green and essential oils

August 19 No Cluster Meeting

September 17 Coupon-ing

October 22 Nancy Z-Internet Safety (CACTF)

November Life Books- Jennifer Chantry

December- No Cluster meeting


  1. Thanks for posting this information. Did you know you can add a Google calendar to this blog and keep it full of all the cluster groups? It's easy to do. Email me if you want me to tell you how.

  2. Oh... I can't forget to tell you that we are going to be able to adopt our little boy within a few months! =)

  3. That is so great! Congratulations! please tell me how to goggle calendar everything.

  4. Do a Google search for Google Calendar.

    When you click on the Google Calendar link it will take you to Google Calendar... Sign in to Google Calendar with your Google account. Type in your email and password.

    Now you are at Get Started With Google Calendar.
    Make sure info is correct and press CONTINUE.

    You should be seeing the calendar by the day. There are tabs at the top rights which show the monthly calendar. Click on MONTH.

    Click on the DATE.
    Type the EVENT TITLE. Click on EDIT EVENT DETAILS. Fill in the information. If you want reminders sent to your email about the event you can set it to when you want them set or totally remove the reminders completely.
    When you are done filling in the info Click SAVE.

    Keep adding all the information.

    When you are done you can add it to this blog by doing the following:

    On the left side of the screen there is a box that says:

    your email address

    Click on CREATE.

    On this yellow screen there are three tabs at the top left which says:
    At this point you should already be on CALENDAR DETAILS, this is where you want to be.

    Scroll down to EMBED THIS CALENDAR.
    Click on CUSTOMIZE THE COLOR, SIZE, AND OTHER OPTIONS. This is where you can adjust the size to fit the width of this blog. You can also change the color, the fonts, and the format of the calendar.

    There is a list on the left side of the screen that says SHOW. Click on the items to see how you want the calendar to look.

    Then under that SHOW list there are other things you can change.

    Where it says WIDTH and HEIGHT is where you change the size of the calendar to fit the body width of your blog. I'll tell you how to find the width you need at the end of this post.

    After you change the calendar to what you want you will click on UPDATE HTML which is on the top right. Then you will COPY the HTML CODE which is in the box. Then go to your blog, sign in to your blog, go to the DASHBOARD, then LAYOUT, and then you will be on PAGE ELEMENTS.

    On PAGE ELEMENTS go to the bottom of the screen and click on ADD A GADGET and then click on HTML/JAVASCRIPT. A small pop-up window will show up that says CONFIGURE HTML/JAVASCRIPT. You don't need to put a title if you don't want. In the box where it says CONTENT you will PASTE that HTML code that you got from the Google Calendar site. Now click on SAVE.

    Now you can click on VIEW BLOG to see what the calendar looks like. If it's not fitting correctly you can adjust the width and the height back in Google Calendar, redo the sizes, update the HTML, copy the HTML, and then repaste the HTML back into the spot where the calendar is. You will find it at the bottom of the page on PAGE ELEMENTS where it either says the TITLE that you added to it OR it will say HTML/JAVASCRIPT.

    OK. Now that you know all that I'll tell you where to find the width that you will need for your calendar.

    You can put the calendar at the bottom of your blog in the area that is called the FOOTER.

    Go to your blog. Go to the DASHBOARD. Click on LAYOUT. Click on EDIT HTML. Scroll down to FOOTER.

    Under FOOTER you will see something like this:

    #footer {
    text-align: center;
    margin: 0 0 0 45px
    width: 600px;
    min-height: 2rm;

    This code was from my blog. If I was putting a calendar at the bottom of my blog in the FOOTER and the width of the FOOTER is 600px I would make my calendar about 550px in WIDTH.

    If you have any questions please let me know.

    If you want the calendar somewhere else on your blog let me know and I'll help you.