Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lagoon Coupons

Lagoon coupons are here, and I will be picking them up tomorrow (Thursday August 6th), and mailing them on Friday August 7th to Cluster facilitators. If you want one, please contact your Cluster facilitator for them. (check your Foster Roster Newsletter, Cluster Concepts page for contact information, OR go online to, click on the purple Foster Roster button, go to Western Region, and go to the Cluster concepts page for contact information) Details:1. Each coupon is good for up to 8 people. 2. Coupon is good from August 16-22nd. 3. Price per person is $22 (and some odd change, I believe) + tax. Please excuse the delay, Lagoon sent them 1 week after they said they would. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
Jessica Hanneman
(Lagoon logo courtesy of Lagoon)